( Generously serves 6)


Lasagne is one of the easiest things to make, It is also very tasty, however today I tried something new and turned out pretty good. (more…)


(Serves four as a starter, one (greedy piggy) or two as a main)

Spicy Ribs Served

It doesn’t get much easier, or tastier, than this.


(Serves four fussy semi-vegetarians or three meat eaters)

Roast Chicken with Hasselbacks Served

Simple and delicious, a winner for any get together.


(Serves 4)

This is a quick and easy to make recipe, and requires less than an hour to prepare and cook.

Pork Loin Steaks with Honey Mustard Gnocchi

Let’s look at the ingredients:

  • 8 Pork Loin Steaks
  • 1kg Gnocchi
  • 350g Honey Mustard Dressing
  • 250g Mushrooms

I have not included ingredients such as Salt, Pepper, or Olive Oil, as most people will have these and they are either optional or replaceable. (more…)